5th Anniversary CJR Symposium

cjr final poster 2016

Dear CJR Members and Supporters,

As we approach the 5th anniversary of the March 2011 triple disaster, we have begun to think about Japan and the disaster in a more global context. For example, how do some of the residual social, economic, and infrastructural effects of the March 2011 disaster in Japan resemble that of past disasters, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti or Hurricane Sandy in 2012? In addition, how do disaster preparation and response efforts differ by country and how do those similarities and differences impact how a country experiences a natural disaster?

This year, for our 5th anniversary symposium, we would like to both highlight the state of Tohoku and answer some of those questions. We want to showcase Tohoku’s success post-disaster and touch upon some of the ongoing concerns in the area. We also want to connect Japan to natural disasters that have happened in Haiti and New York so that we can begin to think about how lessons learned pre- and post-disaster can be applied to similar situations in the future.


Date: Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 (3-6pm)

Location: Japanese American Association Hall (49 West 45th Street, 11th Floor)

RSVP: 212-840-6942 or info@jaany.org

This year, CJR is honored to be a part of the Japanese American Society’s (JAA) 8th annual Sakura Health Fair. The Sakura Health Fair takes place over the month of April (4/8 – 4/30) and consists of lectures and workshops aimed to promote good health, culture, and social welfare in the local Japanese and Japanese American communities.



Atsushi Kumagai, MD, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Education Center for Disaster Medicine/Radiation Disaster Medical Center, Fukushima Medical University
  • Experience with March 2011 triple disaster in Japan


Cynthia Barton

  • Housing Recovery Program Manager, Human Services Unit, New York City Office of Emergency Management
  • Experience with 2012 Hurricane Sandy in New York City


Jake Price

  • Filmmaker, Photographer, Producer (http://www.unknownspring.com)
  • Experience with March 2011 triple disaster in Japan
  • Will be showing never-before-seen clips from his documentary film about the ongoing recovery in Tohoku


Theódule Jean-Baptiste, MD

  • Graduate Student, Department of Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health
  • Experience with 2010 earthquake in Haiti


About the Consortium for Japan Relief (CJR)

Soon after the triple disaster struck Japan on March 11, 2011, concerned Columbia University students and faculty members gathered together and formed CJR, a united coalition led by Dr. Shunichi Homma, Margaret Milliken Hatch Professor of Medicine and Associate Chief of Cardiology at Columbia University Medical Center, and Dr. Jeanette Takamura, Dean of the Columbia University School of Social Work.


CJR’s mission is three-fold:

– To raise social awareness regarding the various issues that have emerged from 3/11;

– To generate evidence-based information and guidance about the Japan disaster, its aftermath, and about comparable natural disasters; and

– To encourage continuing assistance to the affected regions as appropriate, and in collaboration and coordination with other organizations

Since 2011, CJR has organized a number of academic symposia lecture series, and film screenings that exemplify our aforementioned mission.


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at nyjapan311@gmail.com