2015 Three-Part Series: “Reimaging Japan Post-3/11”

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1) “Expanded Truth”: Preserving the Lives of Tohoku Through Film and Autobiography
Mar. 11th, Wed. 7pm
Columbia Univ. Teachers College, Thompson Hall, Rm 136
— Jake Price (Unknown Spring) (Film Screening)
— Patricia Gibson (PhD student at Columbia Univ)

The speakers will talk about what it means to capture the lives of people in Tohoku four years after the March 11th disaster, and will discuss how we approach using individual stories to reach out to the deeper meanings and implications.

2) The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Post-Disaster Recover Efforts
April 7th, Tues. 7pm
Columbia Univ. School of Social Work, Concourse C06
— Mio Yamamoto (World in Tohoku)
— Mai Mukaida (Coffret Project//Lalitpur)

The speakers will introduce on-going projects by social entrepreneurs who stood up to support the lives of people in Tohoku and Nepal, and discuss the shared challenges, meanings, and possibilities of individuals taking actions to make a difference for the people in need.

3) Long-term Health Issues: Fukushima, A Case Study
April 21st, Wed. 4:30pm
Columbia Univ. School of Social Work, Concourse C03
— Dr. Shin-Ichi Niwa (Fukushima Prefectural Hospitals Office)
— Dr. Masako Mori (Japanese Mental Health Network in NY)
— Dr. Shizuko Barnes (Japanese Mental Health Network in NY)
— Nishimiya Fellows (Students who spent a week at Fukushima Medical University)

For more information about the speakers, click here: [SPEAKERS] We encourage you to register on our website below or through this link: [REGISTRATION] We sincerely hope that you will be able to come and join us for these important talks so that we can continue to be inspired and partake in this meaningful conversation together.

Thank you very much,
Consortium for Japan Relief (CJR)


Please register for our upcoming 2015 CJR Lecture Series at Columbia University, Reimagining Japan Post 3/11. All registrants will receive a confirmation email message a few days before our events.


This event is co-sponsored and supported by Consortium for Japan Relief, Friends of Japan, Columbia University School of Social Work Disaster Management Preparedness Caucus, Columbia University Teachers College Student Senate, the Japanese American Association of New York, and the Japanese Medical Support Network.

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