Meeting Summaries

Upcoming 2015 Speaker Series
Dear CJR Members and Supporters,

As we are nearing the four-year mark after The Great East Japan Earthquake struck and devastated the Tohoku region, we would like to announce our annual CJR event(s) for 2015 and gratefully welcome you to join us once again to remember and continue this important

This year, we are going to have a three-speaker series starting from Wednesday night, March 11th, continuing on toFriday night, April 3rd, and then concluding on Tuesday late afternoon on April 21st. Each themed session will invite impassioned practitioners who are currently giving their all to help those still affected by the disaster and lead them towards recovery. Crucial issues will also be raised to hopefully move us as a community and bring the conversation about post-disaster stricken Tohoku to the next level.

Please see the attached event poster for more details about the topics, times and locations for each session, and we also encourage you to help spread the word and tell others about these upcoming events as well.

Be aware that many aspects concerning the planning of the events are still in flux, with the possibility that some speakers may be added, etc., so we ask for your understanding in this regard. Please visit our website,, or our Facebook Groups page,, for updates and the latest information.

So please mark your calendars right now, and we sincerely hope that you will be able to come and join us for these important talks so that we can get inspired and partake of meaningful conversation together.

Best regards,
Yumiko Murai

CJR President


Fall 2014 Kick-Off Meeting
by Kazuma Takimoto

IMG_5342 IMG_5345 IMG_5346

In the kickoff meeting of this year’s CJR, we gathered with some new faces, indicating the success of CJR’s continuous effort to be involved with the issues about Tohoku and acknowledgement by the Columbia community so far and signaling the future development.

The meeting started with brief self introduction of attendees. It made us all aware of a range of people present. Some have been to Fukushima and therefore have things to speak up, while the others show their interest to stay involved even though they live away from there.

After that, we moved on to presentations by the two students who participated in The Nishimiya Fellows Program this past summer. They joined the Fukushima Medicine College to learn about things that matter to today’s Fukushima and the local medical community’s countermeasures to them.

Millie Nishikawa, a second year premed student at Barnard College, gave us a presentation regarding what she actually experienced in the interaction with people in Fukushima and its beauty even after one of the most disastrous earthquakes in the recent human history.

What followed was Miyuki Shimizu’s presentation. She is a doctoral student at Teachers College studying Nutritional Epidemiology and Behavior Nutrition. She showed us the data about how contaminated or safe Fukushima’s food is nowadays and the local community’s project to fight with increasing obesity in Fukushima.

Both presentations reflected the very reality that few people living in the U.S. can get to know, and I believe that this characterizes the significance of the program. To stay involved with issues, especially with ones which are going on in the distant place, keeping ourselves updated is a crucial component. By joining the kickoff meeting and
learning last year’s achievements, I came to realize that I myself should care more about Tohoku today in the daily life in the U.S.. I look forward to what we are going to see in this year’s coming events. For the details of the Nishimiya Fellows Program, please check the link below.

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